Fields of Application
  • Pressure Sintering. Nowadays diamond tools are widely used in different working fields. To make these diamond tools needs specialty Graphite Moulds. WanXin Graphite can supply various of graphite moulds for sintering diamond saw balde and drill head. The materials need high resistivity, high thermal shock resistance and a highly homogeneous material structure. WanXin Graphite can provide all kinds of graphite moulds, graphite plates and graphite indenters for sintering.
  • Mechanical Sealling. Carbon graphite materials are widely machined into carbon bushings, carbon rings used in Mechanical sealings because of its self-lubricating performance. They are often used in high temperature or oil-free lubrication enviroment. Flexible graphite can be made into graphite rings and graphite papers used in static sealings. Some of them are reinforced by steel plate.
  • Vacuum Furnace In recent years, new materials have been rapidly developed. High temperature vaccum furnaces often have to be used. Because of their high temperature strength, electrical conductivity, specialty graphite is extensively used to machining heating elements, Soft and hard carbon felt as insulation materials, C/C composites are machined into racks. So, graphite heaters, carbon graphite felts are general graphite elements in high temperature furnace.
  • Continuous Casting. Special graphite, because of its perfect thermal conductivity, high temperature strength, and self-lubrication, has been extensively manufactured into varies of graphite dies used in non-ferrous metal continuous  casting, such as copper and brass rod, tube and, strip etc. It also has been machined into crucibles and stoppers used in jewelry industry. WanXin Graphite can supply all kinds of graphite moulds, caps,crucibles and stoppers.
  • Glass Industry. In glass industry, specialty graphite has been machined into various of graphite components to meet the challenges of glass melting and molding, transporting hot glass products. Both the technical econormic advantages are important here. In view of varying demands on carbon graphite materials, WanXin Graphite can supply you all kinds of graphite components to meet the requiriments of the different applications.

Typical Components made by WanXin Graphite:

Graphte Sintering Mould                  Graphite Plate/Segments                Graphite Dies

Graphite Crucibles                           Graphit Shafts                                  Graphite Blanks

Carbon Bushings                             Carbon Shaft Seal Rings                  Carbon Joint Rings

Carbon Vanes/Blades                      Carbon Sleeve Bearings                  Carbon Thrust Bearings

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