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1¡¢Introduction of Graphite machining processing methods
Graphite machining method: To speed up the graphite processing and industrialization of new product development foundation. Graphite processing plants: graphite ......
2¡¢Special Property of Graphite
Detailed analysis of morphological characteristics and special properties of graphite Graphite is soft, dark gray; greasy feeling, can contaminate the paper. H ......
3¡¢Graphite Classification
Graphite brief classification   The crystalline state of the graphite, natural graphite is usually divided into three categories internationally: fla ......
4¡¢The special nature of SGL graphite
1) high temperature type: a melting point of graphite SGL 3850 ¡À 50 ¡æ, boiling point of 4250 ¡æ, even UHT arc burning, weight loss is very small, the thermal exp ......
5¡¢Simple analytical uses of graphite electrodes
Simple analytical uses graphite electrodes  Graphite electrodes, mainly petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal tar pitch as binder, calcined, i ......
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