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Introduction of Graphite machining processing methods

Graphite machining method: To speed up the graphite processing and industrialization of new product development foundation. Graphite processing plants: graphite machining is a allotrope of elemental carbon, surrounding each carbon atom linked with three other carbon atoms (the arrangement of a plurality of hexagonal honeycomb form) covalent bond, form covalent molecules. Since each carbon atom will emit an electron, those electrons can move freely, so graphite machining belong conductor. Graphite processing is one of the softest minerals. Graphite processing plant uses include the manufacture of pencil lead and lubricants. Natural graphite processing plants can float better, graphite processing plants are basically using flotation beneficiation methods. Due to the size of the graphite flake processing is one of the most important quality indicators, so a multi-stage grinding on sorting method, several other technology for early election to elect a large flake graphite processing. Flotation common collector for kerosene, diesel and other oil foaming agent II, IV oil, adjusting agent is lime, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate inhibitor.

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