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Graphite Classification

Graphite brief classification 

 The crystalline state of the graphite, natural graphite is usually divided into three categories internationally: flaky graphite, amorphous graphite, and lump graphite. Flake graphite is flake form, wide distribution, mainly in the gneiss or marble in a class of metamorphic rocks, metamorphic formed from carbon-rich sediments. Flake graphite black or steel gray appearance, scaly or leaf-shaped. Bulk graphite is an extremely pure graphite, which is mainly present in a layer of rock formed from magma solidified, with strong modeling capabilities. Amorphous graphite is actually composed of graphite crystals, just because of crystallization is too small, from a macro point of view is very fine powder, its main purpose is the production of refractory materials, coatings and lubricants. By output forms, amorphous graphite can be divided into two categories: dispersed amorphous graphite and amorphous graphite dense block.

The main industrial production of the artificial graphite of the graphite-rich carbon material in solid or liquid (petroleum coke, pitch coke, metallurgical coke, anthracite, carbon black, and natural graphite and the like) as raw materials. Under inert atmosphere conditions and the presence of a catalyst prepared by the pyrolysis of pure synthetic carbonaceous material, and then converted to the artificial graphite. Graphitization process can be divided into two categories direct and indirect methods. By thermal and chemical treatment methods, for improvement of the graphitization process, a high purity artificial graphite.

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