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The special nature of SGL graphite

1) high temperature type: a melting point of graphite SGL 3850 ¡À 50 ¡æ, boiling point of 4250 ¡æ, even UHT arc burning, weight loss is very small, the thermal expansion coefficient is small. SGL graphite strength with temperature increase and strengthen, at 2000 ¡æ, the SGL graphite strength doubled.

2) electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity: SGL graphite conductivity higher than the average non-metallic minerals a hundredfold. Heat conductivity than steel, iron, lead, a metal material. Thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, even at very high temperatures, SGL graphite as a thermal insulator. SGL SGL graphite can be conductive because the graphite and other carbon atoms, each carbon atom only three covalent bonds are formed, each of the carbon atoms is retained to a free-electron charge transfer.

3) lubrication: lubrication performance depends on the size of the SGL SGL graphite flake graphite, flake greater the smaller the coefficient of friction, lubrication, the better the performance.

4) Chemical Stability: SGL graphite at room temperature with good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance to organic solvents.

5) plasticity: SGL graphite toughness, can be crushed into very thin slices.

6) Thermal shock resistance: SGL graphite can be used at room temperature when subjected to drastic temperature changes of living without damage, when sudden changes in temperature, change in the volume of graphite SGL not, will not crack.

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