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Simple analytical uses of graphite electrodes

Simple analytical uses graphite electrodes 

Graphite electrodes, mainly petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal tar pitch as binder, calcined, ingredients, kneading, compression type, baking, graphitization, machining and made ​​of graphite electrodes in electric arc furnaces to electric arc energy released in the form of the charge is heated to melt the conductor, and the impact of the graphite electrode graphite electrode production process quality factors, and how to improve the quality of graphite electrodes made ​​recommendations, pointing out the importance of the quality of raw materials is proposed to add carbon fiber improving the electrode strength; improved electrode joint shape, reduce joint failures increase electrode life.


(1) electric furnace steelmaking. EAF is introduced into a furnace using a graphite electrode current, strong current in the lower electrode arc discharge through the gas, the heat generated by the use of electric arc smelting. According to the size of the furnace capacity, equipped with graphite electrodes of different diameters for the continuous use of the electrode, the electrode by a threaded joint between the electrode connection. Graphite electrodes for steelmaking about 70 ~ 80% of the total amount of graphite electrodes.

(2) Graphite electrodes for mineral hot furnace. Graphite electrode mineral hot furnace is mainly used for the production of ferro alloys, pure silicon, phosphorus, and calcium carbide matte graphite electrode is characterized by lower conductive electrodes buried in charge, so in addition to electric arc between the board and the charge generating heat outside, also produced by the heat resistance of the charge when the current through the charge. Silicon consumption per ton of graphite electrodes to be around 150kg, the graphite electrode consumption per ton of phosphorus to be about 40kg.

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